Tips To Get Rid Of Fleas on Dogs


For your dog to be submissive and loyal to you, it must be healthy. The health of a dog it's not all about the diet, it also counts on how you treat it against the attack from ticks and fleas. Fleas are small insects that are blood suckers, and when they attack your dog, it gets sick. The fleas can fly from one point to another, and they also lay eggs, this can result in transmission of diseases if not well controlled. There are numerous ways to get rid of fleas from your the present days there are a variety of chemicals used to protect your dog from fleas, there are also natural ways you can use to get rid of fleas. Here is an outline of some of the recommended methods at , you can use to control or get rid of fleas from your dog.

Flea collar

To prevent your dog from flea's bites, you can make a flea collar. You should make a mixture of lavender oil and water. When the two components are mixed up, you are recommended to sprinkle or apply the solution on your dog's collar. The mixture will keep the fleas at bay. Get the best dog flea medicine here!

Wash the dog's beddings

This is another step that most dog owner forgets. To completely safeguard your dog from fleas, you should ensure you wash all the dog's linens or any fabric that your dog lies on. You should wash them with detergents; this will help in getting rid of the fleas and eggs that might have been left behind, after treating your dog. After washing them you should ensure they dry completely, this is the most effective way to kill the fleas on the fabrics. Read to know more about dog care.

Use dog shampoo

There are numerous types of dogs shampoo on the market. You should enquire from the vet which is the best one. You should mix the shampoo with lemon juice. You should use this mixture to bathe your dog regularly. When washing your dog, you should ensure that the mixture does not get into your dog eyes, since it can cause some irritation.

Give your dog apple cider vinegar

If you want to get rid of the fleas, you need to use fermented apple cider vinegar. You should mix the vinegar with water, and then give your dog to drink. You should give your dog this mixture regularly. The solution helps to make your dog's skin acidic, and this helps in repelling fleas.